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Rose Levy Beranbaum is an American baker, cookbook author and blogger.

She pioneered the reverse creaming technique of cake-making. In this process, the fat and flour are mixed first before adding the remaining ingredients. By coating the flour in fat, gluten development is inhibited, helping to prevent toughness.[1] This is in contrast to the usual creaming technique, which first mixes fat and sugar.[2]

Beranbaum has noted that she was heavily influenced by Julia Child and James Beard.[3]

She has been married to Woody Wolston since 2021.[4]


  • The Cake Bible (1988)
  • Rose's Christmas Cookies (1990)
  • Rose's Celebrations (1992)
  • Rose's Melting Pot: A Cooking Tour of America's Ethnic Celebrations (1994)
  • The Pie and Pastry Bible (1998)
  • The Bread Bible (2003)
  • Rose's Heavenly Cakes (2009)
  • The Baking Bible (2014)
  • Rose's Baking Basics (2018)
  • Rose's Ice Cream Bliss (2020)


  • A Passion for Chocolate by Bernachon, Bernachon, Guarnaschelli, and Lee; Translated (1989)
  • What Do Women REALLY Want? Chocolate! by Donna L. Barstow; Foreword (2004)


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